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Civil Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Refigration & Air-Conditioning

Architectural Assistant

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Civil Engineering (Durations : 3Yrs)

A traditional branch of engineering that includes scientific principles to plan, design, and execute structural works such as bridges, roads, dams, and buildings, Civil Engineering is applied to a vast range of constructions from individual homes through to vast industrial complexes of international standards. Owing to modernization and globalization the construction industry is on great demand and so are civil engineers.

Electronics & Communication Engineering (Duration : 3Yrs)

In past 100 years no other industry has grown as fast and as wide as the Electronics & Communication Industry. Today the industry is multi dimensional and provides great scope in terms of career growth. The focus of this program is to help students specialize in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering and to enter this growing industry

Mechanical Engineering (Duration : 3Yrs)

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most essential branches of engineering, without which any industry cannot function. The students are trained in various areas including production, industrial engineering, R & D, refrigeration & air conditioning etc. The comprehensive course curriculum and intensive practical training enables students to take on the challenges of broad ranging roles in various departments across a wide spectrum of industries.

Automobile Engineering (Duration : 2Yrs)

Automobile engineering, also known as automotive engineering or vehicle engineering, deals with the designing, manufacturing, testing, and operation of automobiles. The role of an automobile engineer is to design, test, and develop vehicles and components from concept stage through to production stage and then even tweak the vehicles in response to customer in response to the customer.

Electrical Engineering (Duration : 3Yrs)

Electrical Engineering is the study of the various applications of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. It deals with the generation, distribution, and transmission of electricity as well as new age applications in electronics ranging from telecommunications to computers and microprocessors.

Refigration & Air-Conditioning

This course is so oriented in syllabus to make them pratically well- equipped to begin their own enterprises at their own door-steps which are highly remunerative. This course has been revised by Kerala Government in the pattern of the NTG course with special emphasis on extra practicals are also arranged.

NCVT Courses)
Architectural Assistant (Duration : 1Yr)

Architectural Assistant and Architects use their technological knowledge to make sure the building Designs practical in real lie. They work on domestic, Commercial and industrial Projects. As an Architectural Assistant you would support Architects and other professionals in the construction Industry. You work would include collecting, organizing and investigating technical information for use during project developments, preparing drawing, creating plans etc.

Diploma Courses (Duration : 3Yr)





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